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To challenge and tackle persistent racial inequalities in Greater Manchester which negatively impact people of African Descent to bring about systemic change.

Why We Exist

Greater Manchester has an acute shortage of people of African descent in senior leadership positions that can influence policy and decision-making. The decades long lack of strong and co-ordinated Black leadership has resulted in growing racial inequalities. 

BURN was created to fill this gap.

Don’t Settle For Less

Our Vision

To make Greater Manchester one of the best places in the world for people of African descent to grow up, get on and grow old.

The Mission

To achieve parity and equality of opportunity for Black residents covering health, business, education, employment and skills training, to build back better in the post-COVID world and achieve our vision for Greater Manchester.


How ?

1. Black leaders in senior decision-making positions in ALL public bodies in Greater Manchester and building the pipeline of board-ready talent through the Senior Leaders Board Apprentice programme.

2. 1% of the GMCA’s £8 billion annual budget to be ringfenced for Black owned businesses. That’s £80 million pounds that can create 2,000 new jobs for people of colour. Our bespoke Restore Strengthen and Scale Up is a contract readiness programme to build the capacity of African and Caribbean businesses and organisations who’ve been negatively impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic, and facilitate supply chain inclusion.

3. Promoting intra-Commonwealth trade. BURN will act as a gateway for doing business in Africa and the Caribbean to grow wealth, prosperity and jobs as the UK transitions from the EU.


Underpinning these activities is the drive to maximise profit to re-invest into the community and the ability to measure, calculate and report the return on investment from the BURN network. BURN has the potential to scale and grow rapidly within this current climate, and change the narrative.

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PanAfrican Trade Summit


Coming March 2021 in Manchester

Building closer trade, business and cultural links between the continent of Africa and Northern Powerhouse businesses in the UK.

In Partnership with the UK’s Department of International Trade.

Priority Sectors

Matching African development needs with UK products and services.

Africa Markets Research

Our Doing Business in Africa guide broken down by individual countries.

Summit Details

For business to business UK SME’s looking to boost growth through winning new business in African markets.

The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Malcolm X