At BURN we believe that diversity is to include every single person. Everyone is unique and their perspectives differ based on factors such as experiences, culture, personality type and education. The executive development programme is an advanced level programme providing you with the necessary tools to enable you to grow internally and then apply your skills in order to see real outcome. We train a new breed of leaders to build sustainable businesses that can successfully meet the demands and challenges of the 21st century and beyond.

Our leaders will understand how to transform values into actions, visions into realities and obstacles into innovations. Along with the title of leadership comes authority, but that doesn’t mean others will instantly follow. We believe at BURN that a good leader takes personal responsibility for learning the craft of leadership.

Starts with you

The Executive Development Programme is designed for business owners and senior level professionals. Click here to check if you’re eligible for the fully funded programme.

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Once signed up to the programme, you will choose your schedule and start participating in the programme. You will start applying what you learn in real time whilst analysing your progress.

Start Leading

Once you have completed your course you will have the skillset to start applying all your findings with real results.

Our Courses

Leading Yourself

Leading Yourself has been designed to develop your skill as a manager, business owner or leader to enable you to have the necessary skillset to be the next future leader with confidence and success.

Digital Skills for Leaders

Digital skills for leaders will develop your abilities to enable you to have the necessary skillset to integrate and understand digital tools for business success.

Review & Develop Your Leadership Style

The success of any organisation depends on its leaders. This course will help everyone with people responsibility to review their leadership behaviour, learn different approaches and put them into practice.

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