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Leadership and management are critical skill for the success of every business but which skills are important for each role and
how do you know if you are doing it right?Do you have a preferred management style and how does your
leadership style affect the people working for you?Our leadership and management course will help your business
on track.

Some people view the world of contracts and tendering with suspicion fuelled by myths that have accompanied the
unfortunate experiences of other individuals. Tendering is a great opportunity for you to win business for your company. As well as a source of income it can also raise the profile of your business and get you noticed. Myths or reality? You decide as our tendering module takes you for a walk on the profitable side of procurement and tenders.

Regardless of how good your product is, the way we interact with and serve the needs of our customer is the most important
part of your business. Their experience will determine how successful your business becomes. So from awareness of your business, the first purchase and hopefully repeated business, we offer helpful insight in how to enrich the experience of your customers and reap the benefits for your business.

Your financial strategy is a crucial element of your plan for business growth and creating a realistic budget for the next 1 – 3 years is
essential for every business. What do you need to know to make sure your plan is prudent and based on sound budgeting and forecasting principles? How do you accurately price your product or service in the marketplace? We will answer these and other key considerations for you to help your business develop a financial strategy that works.

In an organisation where people are just as important as profit, you will find a business that is thriving.
Our Bring Your Full Self To Work module will take you through what it means to have a truly inclusive workplace where every
individual is valued and feels encouraged to perform to their full potential. If your people are as important as the profits you can make, this is an hour well spent.

Hiring the right individual for your business is fraught with challenges for you and your business not to mention the threat
of being liable if you get it wrong. In this module, we guide you through essential legislation to help you get it right. We take a look at what the law says you must do and mistakes to avoid.

Encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion in your workplace will broaden the skills, experiences and ideas available to you as
an employer and will also make you more attractive to your customers.Take a trip with us as we examine the business benefits of
equality, diversity and inclusion matters for your business and why its absence can derail your best efforts.

Good governance is like air. Its existence doesn’t need to be discussed but its absence would make a huge difference.
We introduce you to some of the principles and support structures necessary to embed applicable governance to your

How many times has one of your employees said “I don’t come to work to be happy, I come to work”. We don’t believe the two things are mutually exclusive. But what makes us happy? What are the benefits of happiness and how can we achieve this in our work life? Our happiness course is a look at an alternative approach to work that will make your business environment more attractive for your people and as well as more productive.

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