Life in Colour

Life in Colour

Sharon Ames, Owner of Life in Colour Ltd., provides professional development coaching and training services to professional women who

-have a strong desire to reach senior level or even C suite roles.

-had career success so far but feel as though you may be getting stuck

-feel frustrated that you’re not getting ahead, despite your education, skills, experience and drive.

-wondering whether the sacrifices to make it to the next level are worth it.

As a professional coach and a now non-practising Criminal Barrister, but with 16 years experience of practice, I successfully coach professional women to progress from where they are to where they want to be in their career or business. My services include 1 to 1 or in  house group coaching programs.


16 years practice as a Criminal Barrister.

Extensive Coaching and training experience in the private, third and education sector.

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