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Carol Ann Whitehead FRSA GAA is one of the founding members of the Black United Representation Network CIC (she was the brainchild behind the name of the organisation). With an extensive career across publishing, fashion, events and media, Carol Ann’s vast experience has taken her around the globe.

In her early career Carol Ann worked for the Guardian Media Group in sales, marketing, and promotions, based in London. Several years later she relocated back to the North West and secured a position with the Manchester Evening News, covering all aspects and brands including the City Life Magazine.

In February 2000, The Zebra Partnership publishing was formed. Their publication portfolio includes Star Wars Attack of the Clones, Peaky Blinders and Looney Tunes. This month, they will celebrate 21 years of success.

Throughout her career, Carol Ann has ensured that she gives back and continues to empower and inspire others.  

We are delighted that she will be leading the delivery team for the Pan African Trade Executive Roundtable, taking place on Thursday 25th March 2021. This virtual event will provide a platform for North West SMEs, Corporates and Investors to make connections and learn more about the support offer by the UK Government to business and investors.

Carol Ann Whitehead
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