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Become a member of BURN to gain multiple benefits and exclusive opportunities to be professionally upskilled and network with peers as well as industry, public sector and civic leaders and decision-makers. We will also channel new business and training opportunities through our membership.


You’ll receive complimentary access to monthly networking and members only events in addition to discounts on special events like our forthcoming Pan African Trade Summit in March 2021. As a member you’ll be able to share in the power of numbers to overcome barriers to growth and advancements, tap into each other’s expertise and take advantage of skills development and mentoring designed to help you to develop and grow your business, as well as your professional skills. 




 Become a corporate member to demonstrate your company’s commitment to challenging discrimination and the lack of diverse representation within senior leadership positions in Greater Manchester’s public, private and civil society sectors, and assisting in fostering an inclusive economy which benefits the many and not just the privileged few. Thank you for listening, learning and for you action in supporting BURN as we push forward in the fight for social justice and equitable treatment in communities of color.


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Looking to give a friend or family member a gift? How about giving the gift of membership to a movement that will become an economic powerhouse to deliver equity for people of African Descent. By giving an annual BURN membership as a gift, you’ll allow a friend or family member to be a part of a community for delivering growth and prosperity for all.

Give the gift of BURN membership today by filling out the online form. Make sure to provide all of the recipient’s information so we can mail their membership card.

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