We recognise that many of our allies run their own microbusinesses.

You are in a unique position to support black business owners, by being part of our network, collaborating and working with our community, and sharing information and opportunities. 


  • Opportunity to be part of a diverse network, enabling your organisation to break down longstanding issues of connectivity/networking for black professionals.  
  • Learning opportunities through events and online training on the subject of race and diversity.  
  • Events and network building – improve your connectivity with black professionals and black business owners. Black people often report that they do not have the same access to networks as others, and that this hampers their potential for growth. This connectivity is crucial to breaking down systemic barriers.
  • Connections to black solopreneurs, with a view to collaborating on projects or tenders – get in touch with us and we will make connections.
  • Use of BURN logo on your collateral to demonstrate your support and commitment to this issue.

 Price: £34/month