Our Services

Economic Empowerment of Black People


BURN intends to provide a variety of services for the Black residents in Greater Manchester covering civil, VCSE and business sectors. We will offer:-

Leadership development

Grow an army of Black leaders with the competences and capabilities to fill senior decision-making and leadership roles within civic, public sector, education and business sectors in Greater Manchester who foster collaborative working.

Capacity building

Black business and Third sector to become more entrepreneurial, collaborative, investment and large contracts ready to grow well paid jobs and wealth that benefit the community.

Economic Empowerment

Stage events, conferences and investment summits to leverage the spending power of the African and Caribbean community in Britain, known as the Black Pound to grow wealth and prosperity within the global African economy.


 Becoming a strong and compelling voice for change within the Greater Manchester ecosystem to influence policy makers

Skills For The Future

Contribute to improving education, skills training and recruitment to enable Black youth and adults to secure well paid positions in Greater Manchester’s booming Tech, Digital, Health & Innovation, Advanced Manufacturing and Low Carbon sectors

Black political representation

Increase Black people’s involvement in political, civic and public life to challenge institutional racism and the cultures, systems and behaviours that stand in the way of change.

Youth development

Establish a BURN Academy to develop young people with a strong voice, who want to make a positive change to their communities and act with power and authenticity.

Africa Trade

Collaborate with Pan African organisations and governments globally to accelerate Africa’s renaissance as an economic super power.