What we offer:

    • Board Apprentice – a board-ready black professional who will spend a year on your board, learning and contributing their ideas. Their CV will be enhanced, and you’ll have the opportunity to keep them on after the year at no additional fee.
    • 121 support to meet, contract with, and procure from, black-owned businesses. Driving the opportunity around supply chains and procurement. We will meet with you to discuss your upcoming procurement and tendering opportunities, with a view to helping you include black-owned businesses in the process.
    • Learning opportunities through events and online training on the subject of race and diversity.
    • Events and network building – improve your connectivity with black professionals and black business owners. Black people often report that they do not have the same access to networks as others, and that this hampers their potential for growth. This connectivity is crucial to breaking down systemic barriers.
    • Access to jobs boards x 25 adverts/year – post your jobs to our audiences of black professionals.
    • Promotion of relevant courses (especially funded business development courses) to black business owners
    • Promotion of opportunities to participate in your research to our black audiences and corporate allies
    • Use of BURN logo on your collateral and your branding on our supporters’ page to demonstrate your support and commitment to this issue.
    • Burn will support your online content where relevant.

    Price: £5,000/year




    Supplementary products   

    • Bespoke cultural audit | circa £12,000, depending on your requirements 

    You will work with us to undertake a CONFIDENTIAL cultural audit and whatever work is necessary to ascertain your current position with regards to black customers, staff, supply chains, and leadership.   

    We will help you to understand where you are now with regard to race, and help you to strategise and plan for change.  

    Note – we envisage conducting this audit annually to highlight positive progress as well as any gaps.  

    • Bespoke leadership training | circa £12,000, depending on your requirements 

    For existing Execs, Chairs, Nominations Committees and Boards to enable them to drive change within their own organisations.  

    • 121 coaching  
    • Resilience, stress management, time management and anxiety management 
    • Bespoke, 121 support  
    • Tender/bid writing  
    • Social media support and advice .