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We are working together, across all sectors.

We see business a force for good, which has the power to generate wealth and change the black narrative across the North of England – now and forever.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matters movement shone a light on deep seated inequalities that can no longer be ignored. Society is in transition and leaders from across all sectors have declared their ambition for a system reboot–to level up the North, and to create opportunity for everyone.

What do the stats tell us?

The potential benefit of diversity to the UK economy is £24 Billion.

And yet:

– Only 1.5% of senior roles are held by black people

– The number of black leaders in FTSE 100 companies is zero.

– 45% of Black people have experienced racism at work in the UK

Join Us

And help make the North of England the best place in the UK for black people to work, for black-owned businesses to thrive, and for businesses, charities and the public sector to drive meaningful change on race.

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