With Manchester, UK’s very own Radio Diamond listen to all of your favourite tunes via our website! Listen to a host of various genres including Gospel, RnB, Hip Hop, Jazz, Reggae, and much more.

Radio Diamond began its journey back in October 2013 and was the brain child of K.D.N.K recording studio. The idea behind the station was to give local talent a worldwide platform in which to expose their gifts and talent.

Radio Diamond boasts a plethora of highly skilled, respected and entertaining Djs, Presenters and Artists.

In 2017 Radio Diamond gained a D.A.B (Digital Audio Broadcasting) licence and can now look forward to reaching even more listeners in their homes, cars, and work places as well as on the internet via our web site http://www.radiodiamond.co.uk and on phones, ipads and laptops computers, using our exclusive “Radio Diamond” App from I-stores I Phone and Play stores Android.

2018 brings even more growth for Radio Diamond and will be revealing it’s own “Visual Live Streaming” of shows at the station giving our volunteer Dj’s and Presenter access to a new level of audience participation.

Radio Diamond Ltd supports and encourages community interaction and cultural expression to bring about understanding and tolerance, inclusiveness and cohesiveness in our community.

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