The Movez Movement is a youth-focused organisation which provides a setting for an alternative education provision and creative enterprise – We accomplish this by teaching core academic subjects, 1-1 mentoring and offer creative programmes using music (production, vocal/MC training and dance) and media (videography, photography,marketing and professional gaming), to teach, train and mentor young people aged 8-17 in the inner cities of Manchester, Trafford, and Salford.


TMM currently run the following services:

TMM Creative Sessions

Having fun while developing skills is for every youth, these sessions are where youth get trained in Music, Media and Dance in our high impacting, exciting creative workshops

TMM Alternative Provision

Sometimes mainstream schooling doesn’t work for one reason or the other. In our alternate provision the youth get the chance to gain their education while developing creative skills and receiving creative mentoring support.

TMM Mentoring

TMM uses the mediums of Music, Multi-Media, and Social Activities to engage youth in a peer mentoring program to support mental and emotional wellbeing.

TMM Special Projects
We are aware youth have some specific challenges that need to be addressed directly so we try our best to involve impact awareness sessions where possible to combat some of the ills in youth culture such as knife crime, criminal and sexual exploitation making the youth more aware of the dangers and equipping.

Our qualitative research has recorded the following positive outcomes:

-Development in job based skills
-An increase in mental and emotional wellbeing
-A reduced risk of participants engaging in risky behaviour
-An increase in confidence, motivation and self-esteem.

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